As an industry-leading residential cleaning service, Maid Brigade associates are usually busy disinfecting your home. However, on March 1 employees of the local Maid Brigade franchise exchanged their brooms for books to participate in Read Across America Day at James E. Moss School in Millcreek. Joined by Mayor Jeff Silvestrini and city council representative Cheri Jackson, Maid Brigade employees got an early start to their morning by passing out bagels and donuts to students as they arrived at school. They also spent an hour reading books to and with the students.

“Our team had a great time volunteering at the Read Across America Day event and greatly enjoyed reading with the students! As a business owner, I love when we are able to participate in events like this,” said Steven Connor, owner of the Salt Lake Maid Brigade franchise. “We get to give back to the local community.”

Founded by the National Education Association in 1998, Read Across America Day motivates children and teens to read by hosting reading events throughout the country on or near March 2 to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. This year’s event at Moss Elementary also included Millcreek’s Promise Program, the United Way of Salt Lake and the Millcreek Miracle. However, the event is all about the students.

“It helps build a sense of community and purpose among our employees,” added Connors. “We get to demonstrate our values to our customers and the community at large. It’s a real win-win-win for us!

Millcreek Miracle congratulates Maid Brigade for its effort to support literacy in Millcreek.